e Visa Value added services

The International applicants always have the option of applying for e visa for India through the official website. The e visa application process is however subject to a wide number of uncertainties. It is of utmost importance to apply for Indian e visa as per the procedures laid by the Indian government. IndianVisaOnline.org.in is one of the leading service providers in the e visa approval business. Below we are enlisting the additional benefits of applying for e visa for India through our website.These services are not provided by the official government website.

1. Refund and cancellation of the E visa service fees: The official e visa website of the Government of India does not provide any partial/full refund of fees once the application is submitted. IndianVisaOnline.org.in gives it's users a chance to apply for refund in case the applicants want to discontinue with our services. The applicants can apply for refund within 4 hours of submission of documents and relevants fees.

2. Rechecking of E visa application form before final submission: A large number of e visa application forms are rejected by the Indian officials due to lack of correct information in the e visa application form and unclear documents uploaded. An expert team of professionals at IndianVisaOnline.org.in minutely checks the e visa application form before final submission to the government officials. Any discrepancies in the application form is corrected promptly by our team.

3. 24*7 Customer care number and email support IndianVisaOnline.org.in operates a fully functional 24*7 customer care support. The applicants can contact us round the clock through telephone or email for any queries or updates.

4. Recovery of e visa approval in case of loss/theft The e visa approvals of the applicants are safely kept in our databases until 1 year from the visitor’s entry into India. The visitors can ask for another copy of their e visa approval at any time.

5. Constant updates on the e visa application We constantly update the applicants about the status of their e visa application . The users can contact our website at any time to know about the status of their application forms. Our team instantly update the users if there is any requirement of additional documents.In case of rejection of the application by Indian authorities too we convey this information promptly to the users along with proof of rejection.

6. No need to fill the application form again All the details of our users are safely stored in our databases. The applicants who have once submitted their e visa application form through our website don’t need to fill the e visa again. They have to just provide their passport number and our team will fill in the details. This saves much precious time of our valuable clients.

7. A team of Interpreters to overcome language barriers English and Hindi are the official languages of India. This presents a problem to the international visitors who don’t know these languages. In order to tackle this language barrier we have hired interpreters of all major International languages. The users can conveniently converse with our representatives in their mother tongue.

8. Live expert support team assistance during filling of application Our team of trained professionals provide live assistance to the applicants during e visa application process. The users can choose to make use of this assistance through phone or by email.

9. More payment options for payment of e visa fees The official e visa approval site accepts payments only through credit/debit cards and paypal. We on the other hand also accept payments through Internet/mobile banking etc.

10. No additional bank transaction charge of 2.5% The applicants are liable to pay additional 2.5% bank transaction charge if they apply through the official website. Our website however doesn’t charge any bank transaction charge.

*Disclaimer: www.e-visaindian.org.in website provides you e-visa services to India. This is a commercial website to apply for visa to India where you will be charged a fee for using our services. You can also apply through the direct official source. Kindly read all our Terms and Conditions carefully before using our services.